Weston Rocket (sec A stallion) is a stallion much in demand for FEI driving. He is the sire of T Rafia with Claudine Laplume (Luxembourg) and T Stjernberg with Laurie Astegiano (USA) and also T Rameses and T Cyclone, palomino Sec A geldings (out of T Jane by Taliaris Granite) formerly with Mia Allo's daughter, Sophie Boterman in Belgium and now in South Carolina, USA.

Sophie Botermann
Jan de Boer

Former World Champion, Jan de Boer, after Karlstetten, became interested in Rocket's off spring. He has Templedruid Sminoff in his team and the young Templedruid Luban, hopefully, will one day join him. Templedruid Citizen Kane is with MRS. Aart van der Kamp jn. and Templedruid Rattan drives with the team of Peter de Koning, both ponies in Holland and sons of Rocket.

Shown here is supreme champion Templedruid Hail, 11 year old Sec A being driven in UK as a single and shortly to be joined by Templedruid Flambeaux also by T. Hwfa. This pair owned and driven by Mrs Helen Glover, Cambridge, England.

Rocket’s offspring all demonstrate great presence and charisma together with excellent movement. Here we see T Rococo as a yearling out of that grand old matron Bryn Kay.

Many other ponies by Weston Rocket are excelling on the continent including those of Johan Schiettecatte, Jos Van den Borght, Francoise Thiery, Claudine la Plume and Laurie Astegiano.


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