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In the 1980’s stallion additions were brought in as colt foals. Today these elder statesmen have offspring in the stud which blend well with the Revel stallions.

Notably are:

Twyford Skimmer (deceased)
Grey by Rowfant Sherpa
Ex Twyford Serini
Weston Rocket
by Brierwood Rocket II
Ex Weston Little Model
A typical young revel harvest
daughter: Templedruid Harvest Moon
ex Templedruid Hosanna

We believe in a good balance between the Revel influence and our other lines. Currently being used are:

1. Templedruid Heroum by Gydros Humming Bee ex Knighton Powder Puff ex Revel Sonic.

2. Templedruid Sandstorm (Palomino) by Templedruid Hwfa ex Knighton Powder Puff.

3. Templedruid Myth by Pendock Legend ex Templedruid Thyme.

4. Templedruid Castillon by Templedruid Cumulous ex Revel Click.

5. Templedruid Calvados by Templedruid Heroum ex Revel Click.

6. Bengad Rockmat by Bengad Cochscombe ex Bengad Rose of Sharon.

7. Templedruid Slate by Revel Harvest ex Templedruid Sedelia.

8. Weston Rocket by Brierwood Rocket ex Weston Little Model.

9. Templedruid Shiraz by Revel Harvest ex Templedruid Serenity.

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