The Revel Stud has featured very strongly in the Section A breeding. First to arrive (in 1989) was colt foal Gydros Humming Bee (Revel Humming Top x Revel Gretal).

Then in 1991, Revel J P and Revel Sol to be both returned to the Revel 5 years later. Three daughters of Revel Sol (R Humming Top x Cwrtygaer Solstice) were kept in the stud. The other Revel ponies in order were as follows:

Stallions - 1992 Revel Harvest (Revel Humming Top x R Hosanna)

1995 Revel Jude by Revel Humming Top x R Japonica

1995 Revel Hannibal by Revel Humming Top x R Hana

1999 Revel Jot by Revel Spirit ex R Japonica

1999 Revel Special by Revel Humming top ex R Sweetglow and Mares

1992 Filly foal Revel Click by Revel Humming top ex R Cover girl

1995 Filly foal Revel Jalousie by Revel Josh ex R Jam Puff

The Revel ponies have genetically blended very well and today there are many sons and daughters in the stud and a number of foals and other young stock for sale every year.

T. Shiraz by Revel Harvest

Typical examples are:

Templedruid Castillon by T Cumulous (Gydros Humming bee x T Blossom) ex Revel Chick

Templedruid Shiraz by Revel Harvest ex Templedruid Serenity

Templedruid Calvados by Templedruid Heroum ex Revel Click

Templedruid Slate by Revel Harvest ex Templeduid Sedelia

Templedruid Nostrum by Revel Harvest ex Templedruid Nightshade

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